Bordeaux handcrafted glass wine aerator decanter shape

Bordeaux handcrafted glass wine aerator decanter shape
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Bordeaux handcrafted glass wine aerator decanter shape
About Aerating:

Allowing Wine to breath (as it is sometimes referred to) is allowing it to be exposed to air after opening. Aerating red wines and some white wines releases the flavour and bouquet which is a simple way to vastly add to the pleasure of drinking wine.

Good - Aerator at the end of the bottle: An aerator at the end of the wine bottle; Insert the aerator directly into the end of the wine bottle. As you slowly pour wine into your glass, it is exposed to air inside the aerator, causing oxygenation which increases its scent and flavour. These aerators provide oxygenation with convenience and are perfect for those who don't have the time to decant with a decanter or do not have a decanter available. Excerpt taken from Beverage

Offered here to help with aerating your bottle of wine, is an aerator in the shape of a small decanter. It is brand new and hand-crafted glass from LS Arts, Inc. This device will help speed up the aerating process, improve the taste of your wine, and fits all standard bottles. Instructions are:

1. Place the decanter onto the opened bottle, then remove the decanter’s cork.

2. Gently pour the wine into the decanter, allowing it to expand and breathe, and unlocking its wonderful flavors and aromas.

3. Once the wine is aerated, pour it into your glass, holding the bottle at an angle and high above the glass.

This aerator stands about 7 inches high and measures about 8 inches in diameter around the widest point of the decanter. The arm that attaches to the wine bottle is about 4 inches long. This aerator comes boxed and ready for gift giving!