Homer Laughlin Blue Willow dinner plate

Homer Laughlin Blue Willow dinner plate
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Homer Laughlin Blue Willow dinner plateHomer Laughlin Blue Willow dinner plateHomer Laughlin Blue Willow dinner plate
Blue willow story….. One of the most renowned dinnerware and giftware traditional blue print patterns in the world, the famous Willow pattern is steeped in history... Blue Willow is one of the most popular patterns of dinnerware ever made. The Blue Willow pattern was inspired by a Chinese legend about two young lovers. A wealthy man's daughter (Hong Shee) fell in love with her father's secretary (Chang). The father did not approve of the romance. So he confined the girl to the palace. With help from her sympathetic maid, Hong Shee escaped. The two lovers ran over a bridge to a boat and sailed away together. A terrible storm developed, the boat sank and the two lovers were drowned. Legend says that two lovebirds appeared in the sky-the spirits of Hong Shee and Chang happily together at last.... Discontinued in about 1947, here are dinner plates from Homer Laughlin in the Blue Willow pattern. The plates measure approximately 9 7/8 inches in diameter. They are all stamped with what looks like K41N6 (made in November 1941) on the back label. They are used but in good condition with slight age cracks on the back. And they are free from any noticeable chips, dents, or cracks.