Silver open Egyptian cartouche-Sarah

Silver open Egyptian cartouche-Sarah
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Silver open Egyptian cartouche-SarahSilver open Egyptian cartouche-SarahSilver open Egyptian cartouche-Sarah
A cartouche (pronounced "kar-toosh") was originally designed for the Pharoahs to be an amulet of protection. Each cartouche had the name of the person wearing it written in Egyptian hieroglyphics.

From an estate sale, offered here is an open design silver cartouche that spells the name Sarah. The first symbol is called a bolt or sharps for the letter S, an eagle for the letter A, a mouth for the letter R, an eagle for letter A, and the symbol for house for the letter H. This cartouche measures 1 5/8 inches long under the clasp. It is smooth on the back and is stamped in tiny lettering on the back. I can make out a 25 and not sure of the first number is a 9. But this cartouche is made of silver.